RadDisplay 1.1

Is a simulation tool allows users to produce highly realistic images
1.1.1 (See all)

RadDisplay has been developed by De Luminæ Lab to answer two basic needs:

Image viewing:
Radiance simulation tool allows users to produce highly realistic images which contain a lot of information concerning light. However, the image format is specific and information about lighting within the image cannot be easily studied without the use of Radiance. Images are in "more classical" format and a textual analysis of them.

In order to give clients the freedom to further investigate themselves the images resulting from image simulations, they developed a Radiance image viewer that does not require Radiance knowledge.
As Radiance is Unix based whereas most of the users are using Windows, RadDisplay has been developed on these 2 platforms.
Image investigation and false colors: False coloring is a very powerful tool to investigate images. It is also a fantastic communication tool for technical images such as Radiance images. Can set number of colors, precise limits between colors, etc.
In order to give back a little to the Radiance community which has been of invaluable help over the years of our Radiance use, they decided to release RadDisplay under GPL license so that anyone can freely use, distribute, and modify it.

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